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"Draw nigh to God, and He will draw nigh to you." (James 4:8)
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2023 Leah Baumgardner Baptism

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2023 Palm Sunday

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2023 Sunday of Orthodoxy

(60 images)

2023 Tammy Nash Baptism

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2022 St. James Christmas Play

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2022 Lucas Ash Chrismation

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2022 Bishop Nicholas Visit

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2022 Ella Ash Baptism

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2022 Churching of Alexander Sabas

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2022 Jordan Ash Baptism

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2022 Basil Ritter Baptism

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Paschal Vespers and Agape

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2022 Holy Saturday and Pascha

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2022 Holy Friday

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2022 Palm Sunday

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2022 March Kids Retreat

2021 Micah Warren Baptism

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2021 Deirdre Burn Chrismation

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2021 Jessica Green Chrismation

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Bishop Nicholas Visit 2021

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2021 Euphemia Mathewes Baptism

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2021 Mary Beth Johnson Baptism

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2021 Jason Jardina Baptism

2021 Sunday of Orthodoxy

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2021 Baptism of Blaine (Matrona) Morris

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2021 Nina King Baptism

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2020 Chrismation of Sally (Cecelia) Croft

2019 Chrismation of Mike and Nan Doster

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2019 Parish Feastday Picnic

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First Pastoral Visit of Bishop Nicholas

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Glenda Mezzacapo Lazarus Saturday Baptism

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2019 Palm Sunday - Bridegroom Matins

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2019 Holy Friday Vespers

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2019 Holy Friday Matins

2019 Holy Saturday Lamentations

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2019 Holy Saturday Liturgy

2019 Pascha

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2019 Pascha Vespers and Picnic

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2019 Sunday of Orthodoxy

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2019 Blessing of Vasilopita

Theophany Baptism of Mark and Brigit St. Clair

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Ronnie (Theophylact) Miflin Baptism

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2018 Sunday School Picnic

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2018 Pascha Vespers and Agape Picnic

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2018 PASCHA!

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2018 Holy Friday and Holy Saturday

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2018 Palm Sunday

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2018 Sunday of the Holy Cross

2018 Sunday of the Holy Cross - 03/11/2018

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2018 Sunday of Orthodoxy

2018 Sunday of Orthodoxy - 02/25/2018

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Glaze Chrismation

Chrismation of Thomas and Deborah Glaze - 02/25/2018

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Richardson Chrismation

Chrismation of Richard and Sandra Richardson - 12/03/2017

(17 images)

Jeff Lea Chrismation

Jeff Lea Chrismation - 10/22/2017

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Pascha 2017

Pascha 2017 - 04/16/2017

(23 images)

2017 Great and Holy Friday

2017 Great and Holy Friday - 04/14/2017

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2017 Palm Sunday

2017 Palm Sunday - 04/09/2017

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Pentecost 2016

Pentecost 2016 - 06/19/2016

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Pascha 2016

Pascha 2016 - 05/01/2016

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Holy Friday 2016

Holy Friday 2016 - 04/29/2016

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2016 Palm Sunday and Monday Bridegroom Orthros

2016 Palm Sunday and Monday Bridegroom Orthros - 04/24/2016

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Bishop Antoun Visits St. James

Bishop Antoun Visits St. James - 02/14/2016

St. James is pleased to receive His Grace Bishop Antoun for worship on the weekend of February 13th and 14th. He presided over Divine Liturgy, and gave a stirring homily encouraging all as we work to build the house of the Lord. Liturgy was closed with his blessings, and he joined the congregation for a coffee hour feast!

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Photo Archive

The Beginning of a Mission

St. James Orthodox Church first began as the "Gwinnett Orthodox Mission" and had its first Divine Liturgy in a classroom at Mountain View High School in Lawrenceville, GA on March 3, 2013.

A New Mission for Gwinnett County Begins in a Classroom

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Making the Move to a New Location

Once the mission began services, things began to move quickly.  At first, we had several priests who volunteered to celebrate the Divine Liturgy, but it was not long before Fr. Steven began to serve regularly.  In July 2013, he was appointed to serve as priest of the mission.  By December, we had a new patron saint for our mission and a new name, "St. James Orthodox Mission," in honor of St. James the Just, Brother of the Lord and First Bishop of Jerusalem.  By that time it was clear that we needed a larger space in which to worship, and the mission rented its current location.  Located in a retail shopping strip, the space was bare at first, but with many volunteers and a lot of work, a church took shape.

A New Location for Our Mission Takes Shape

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Worshiping in Our New Location

Our last service at the high school was September 7, 2014, and the next Sunday we began worshiping at our new location on Horizon Parkway in Buford, GA. Since then, our attendance has been steadily growing and we have been able to have more services, to the glory of God.

We Begin Worshiping at Our New Location

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Summer Bowling Outing

St. James Orthodox Church enjoys coffee hour every Sunday after celebrating the Divine Liturgy, but the congregation wanted to do something special for the kids before the school year resumes in August. So, we took a short trip across the road to Stars and Strikes for some family fun!

Summer Bowling

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Taste of Suwanne Festival

Nothing like the cool, crisp air of fall to spend some time outside and get to meet our neighbors! St. James hosted a booth at the annual Taste of Suwanne festival to do exactly that. Whether you're Orthodox and just discovering our new parish, or a visitor that's interested in hearing about our spiritual traditions, we welcome all! Take a look at all the fun we had on the beautiful town center green.

Taste of Suwanne 2015 - 10/10/2015

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